What is Facteur D?

A Unique Event

Facteur D is a unique event concept focused on showing companies and public organizations the economic and social benefits of investing in quality architecture, design and planning. Facteur D is reinventing the design award paradigm, analysing not only the aesthetic and technical factors, but the direct economic and social value of the project for the client.

This content-rich day will be organized around four main activities:

  • Presentation of 47 case-study projects by both the design professional and the client
  • 3 high-level international conferences
  • The Facteur D Soirée
  • Mission Design’s Annual General Assembly

An Overview of the Day


Opening conference:
The Factor D: Design, gets business going

Simultaneous Project Presentations:
28 projects in 7 categories



Lunchtime Conference :

Bridges: For an Architectural Identity

Dissing + Weitling
Wiklinson Eyre



Simultaneous Project Presentations:
19 projects in 7 categories

Cities for People, by Jan Gehl, architect.
International conference and signing session.

Mission Design's Annual General Assembly



Facteur D Soirée